Wednesday, May 20

MTB Park Update

Much has been happening in recent weeks so time for an update....

* The Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park Incorporated Society (KMTBPInc) is now up & running. This enables us to operate a charity-status bank a/c, receive donations, apply for funding and affiliate to related organisations, among other things. We have a Constitution which is available for viewing.

* There are several elected 'officers': Anna Ussher is our Secretary, Mike Kirkwood is Treasurer, Ross Maley (assisted by Mike K) is our Volunteer Co-ordinator, Andreas Kaeppler (assisted by Mike Nelson) is our Funding & Sponsorship Co-ordinator, Regan McLaren (assisted by Carl Thomas) is in charge of Track Maintenance & Monitoring, David Ryder & Sam McAuliffe are responsible for Park Signage and Information panels. I am overseeing committee activity in the role of Project Manager.

* The DOC conservation block has been gazetted as Recreation Reserve and will now be administered by the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve Board (KRRB). KMTBPInc will shortly sign a new management agreement with the Board to cover our track-building programme.

* Under the terms of the management agreement, KMTBPInc is responsible for all track-building in the Park. Please respect the terms of our agreement and refrain from or report any unauthorised track-building activity, including jumps. We are seeking to accommodate the needs of all mtbers in the Park so encourage individuals to attend working bees where we can discuss and, if possible, address their requests.

* The Half-Pipe drop-off was removed at the request of the KRRB who required soil for fill. Vehicle access to the Trailer Park is closed over winter but bike access is possible by the locked gate.

* Benching with a 1.5t digger is currently underway on Swamp Monster. This work is assisted by Ching Contracting and N S Rogers. As this is a 'construction zone', we ask that everyone stay away until the work is complete. There will be a press release when it opens.

* Walkers & runners are welcome in the Mountain Bike Park. Unfortunately, motorbikes and horses cause excessive track damage and cannot be accommodated.

* Useful contact no's are:
Guy Trainor 528 6655 or 021 0304 519 for general Park information.
Regan McLaren 527 8551 or 027 3156 981 for track issues.
Andreas Kaeppler 527 8345 to make a donation or become a sponsor.

A huge thanks from the committee to everyone who's helped get us this far already. A world-class MTB Park in the making!



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