Monday, June 29

Back at the rock face...

Andrew Spittal returned to Swamp Monster this week with the Chings digger fitted with a pneumatic pick. The mission was to shatter a significant amount of rock to enable us to widen a switchback and improve drainage in this attractive gully. The work was slow going but you'll all agree that the end result is a fine outcome.

All of the gullies have presented different challenges and have their own character. This one has a dense grove of suplejack and a small waterfall that emerges from a deep stream cutting. For those who like dropping their bikes and having an explore, many of these gullies have hidden delights.

While we had the digger there, Andrew also made some improvements to another switchback especially for those who like riding high on the berms!

The first of two boardwalks being built by Motueka High School students will be finished this week. Transporting the weighty materials to site has consumed a lot of their time here but the use of DOC's power carrier should save a lot of time & effort for the next boardwalk.

Continuing excellent turn-outs to our working bees have enabled us to make great progress over these wintery weeks. Last Sunday we began clearing vegetation from an old accessway into the Trailer Park. This alternative entrance will mean bikes & cars won't need to share the same road during the busy summer months. Every week we see new faces and make new friends so, if you've been thinking about joining us, come along and become part of the team effort that's building mtb trails you're gonna love riding!

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