Saturday, June 6

Grooming the Monster...

A turn-out of seven this Sunday saw us finish the grooming as far as 'rock-face gully' (working from the Kimi Ora end). This is about halfway and one more w/bee should see us complete the track. With the installation of two boardwalks scheduled for this week, that only leaves the above gully switchback to sort out.

New 'trackie' recruits Stephen Hailes & Patrick Ryan have already been doing a great job of riding the Monster in and can also attest that it makes a great night ride. They have duly been put on 'glow-worm alert'...

Patrick won this week's Coppins-sponsored spot prize, a fitting reward for cutting the steps for our Swamp Monster Look-out. Like Nessie, our monster can be an unpredictable beast so we want to install a seat here so that bikers can bide-a-while with their cameras. Anyone who would like to donate or sponsor said seat is invited to get in touch.

Stephen, Patrick and w/bee regular David Ryder offer bloggers a 'Spot the Difference' competition.

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