Tuesday, June 23

Kaiteriteri riders excel at 6hr event.

Well what a Sunday at Rabbit Island! Great riding, great track and excellent support from the teams from the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park. Along with Carl Thomas, Ross Maley & Martin Rodd winning spot prizes, there was even some creative riding from myself.
Which brings me to the next part of this note: if one is ever to inadvertently get lost whilst racing in an event, it is best to keep one's trap firmly shut (so I was taught) and let the events proceed where no one else is any the wiser to your navigational transgression. However, if having got away with said transgression without anyone knowing, the last thing you need is for the event organizers to name you "The fastest lap rider of the day". Bugger! is just one of the words that comes to mind...
And it is on this note that I would like to nominate myself for the "BBS" award (Best Bull Shitter - or Best Bad Sport, you can use your own adjectives) and I look forward to anybody relieving me of this accolade at the earliest possible convenience. I would also Like to nominate Carl Thomas for the "BDR"award (Best Dressed Rider) with his longjohns on top of riding shorts a worthy spectacle and very much in the spirit of the day. I believe Andrew Spittal should be nominated for the "BART" award (Best Accident Requiring Treatment) Hope you get well soon, Andrew - great to see you out there doing it.
That's the best I can think of at the moment - any other ideas welcome. It was fantastic to see so many Motueka riders at the event and I look forward to next year where I might be able to follow the arrows a little better (or, if not, at least not get bloody caught)

Current BBS holder, Mike Kirkwwod

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  1. At 34.49 I have to nominate Rex Smith for the Slapper Award (Slowest Lapper).
    He mumbled something about Andrew's incomplete lap being added onto his but it sounded like an excuse to me....