Thursday, June 4

Swamp Monster tamed!

Three weeks of digger action has recently seen the benching of our latest track addition, 'Swamp Monster'.

This 1.5 kms section links 'SideWinder' with the top of Kimi Ora and is sure to be a Park favourite. It passes through frequently changing flora, delves into several gullies, offers unique views of a hitherto hidden swamp and provides just enough up'n'down to make you appreciate the occasional rest stops.

The benching of SM was made possible by generous hire terms from N S Rogers, Riwaka, and a huge donation of time by Andrew Spittal (taking a break from being CEO of Ching Contracting) in operating the digger over the whole course of the track construction.

Those of you who helped in the clearing of the route know what challenging terrain we had to work in and the high quality of the resultant track is a testament to skills which Andrew largely learnt on the job!

Students from Motueka High School are building us two boardwalks to cross a pair of damp gullies. Timber for these has been donated by Prime Pine, Little Sydney Valley, and ITM Motueka.

One gully, buttressed on one side by rock, still requires some work but, meanwhile, our next two working bees (June 7 & 14) are concentrating on grooming the track to a highly finished standard.

From Kimi Ora, bikers can return to the road via the KO driveway, climb the firebreak to the water tank junction, drop into the network of hand-benched track below KO (look for the 'Fitness Trail' sign on the left 50m down the road or, of course, reverse the route to the Trailer Park.

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