Saturday, July 11

The track with no name...

Work has started in earnest on our next section of track and an excellent turn-out of volunteers saw great progress made.

Rearing to go at right are Lenny, Ian, Ross, Andreas, Niclas, Mike K, Robin, Jacob, Mike N, David L, Rod, David Y, Tania & Sebastian (with Guy weilding the camera).

This promises to be a sweetly flowing track that sweeps through kanuka stands, past sentinel pines, visits one or two gullies (always welcome on a hot day) and crosses a couple of small streams. At least, that's what we've surveyed so far...

What we're now looking for is a memorable name for this track. From the wildly eccentric to the eminently prosaic - all suggestions are welcome. Email them to and we'll select the best five to put up in a blogspot poll.

Check out the map under Tracks to get a provisional idea of where it is - it starts just above Kimi Ora and exits at Bethany Camp.

The way this track is shaping up, this could be your chance to name what could become the most iconic track in the Park!

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