Friday, August 7

Glade Runner

Thanks to all of you who voted on our poll and helped select Glade Runner as the name for our latest track. We hope you now get a special buzz every time you ride it and we anticipate that will be ALOT !

Those of you familiar with director Ridley Scott's 1982 classic, "Blade Runner", (adapted from Philip K Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?') will get the filmic reference for this name. Although after riding it, you won't be dreaming of electric sheep but of sunlight filtering through stands of kanuka, sweeping under the drooping fronds of pungas and meandering alongside streams through dappled glades. Sound tempting...?
The benching of Glade Runner began this week and should be finished by the end of August. It will complete our first arterial route and allow riders to do a complete circuit entirely within the Park boundaries. The added bonus is that Glade Runner intersects with several other existing tracks, allowing those equipped with a map to throw quite a few different route options together depending on their skill level & fitness.

Already, with some helpful input courtesy of the Corrections Dept., the track is groomed up to a point, about 150m in, where it is joined by another track currently being hand-benched. This connection will allow riders to link on to Kimi Ora's old network of walking tracks that are now within the MTB Park. As soon as this work is completed, we'll update our map (under Tracks).

Below, Andrew Spittal works his way past a pair of gateway pines...

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