Sunday, October 18

It's hard to believe...

Jonathan Kennett handed out kudos to ten of the busier clubs building great mtb track around the country in the October '09 issue of NZ Endurance mag.

This is what he had to say about us....


"The speed of this club is staggering! It's hard to believe that the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park Society was only formed this year, yet they have already built four tracks. When I phoned the project manager for this article he was thrashing about in the bush designing a fifth track that will be ready to ride this summer.
There are also several existing tracks that aren't nearly as good as the new ones but they help expand the network into an area worthy of spending a few hours exploring. And other club members are working on a Pump Track.
Next time you head for a holiday at Kaiteriteri, forget the famous beach. The action is in the forest behind the town. The club has a good website at http: etc....."

Well, that fifth, 1.9kms, track is now finished and being enjoyed as Glade Runner, and since Jonathan phoned we've gone on to add Revelation, Shady Lady and a new entrance track into the Park!

Yep, there's some pretty hot action going on up in the forest... but the beach still holds its own.

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