Friday, October 16

Track Profile: Salivater

Salivater is where it all begins.

It provides a mouth-watering intro to the Park's growing network of trails. It's only 300m long but when you emerge onto a minor spur at its end, your juices will be already be flowing.

It starts with a gradual climb out of the Trailer Park, to the left of the Pump Track...

before gently gaining some height through two easy, bermed switchbacks.

It then sets off on a little sidle
through some pines

the track flanked by ferns and native grasses

glinting in the dappled sunlight.

The undulations disguise the subtle rise in elevation

until another pair of switchbacks reminds you of the height gain

before the final run to the track exit

and junction with SideWinder
and Half-Pipe.

All photos by Steve Newport.

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