Monday, November 16

The Big Pine Climb Time

A small band of expert riders know Velocity as a very steep & rutted descent from the top ridge before it eases off onto a wide and fast firebreak.
The point at which the transition happens is marked by a large pine. It's a good place to wait to see if your companions and their bikes are still a going concern.

What not so many people are aware of is that it's possible to ride from the bottom of Velocity up to this point.
"Why would you bother??", you could reasonably ask but there are weekend warriors who live for this type of challenge.
Masochists is another name for them.

So this is for them. The Big Pine Climb Time is a time trial from the bottom track marker post to the pine tree. You and your bike have to be in contact with the trunk before you stop the watch (hanging your bike is optional).

I did consider independent verification but we're mountain bikers, not roadies...

Unfortunately, I didn't conceive this brilliant idea until I was at the tree so don't have a time. I was also handicapped by carrying the camera. Michael Brewer does have a time, however, so has thrown down the gauntlet:
12 mins.33 secs.!

On the way back down, take the right fork, ease up where you see the Slow! sign and drop carefully onto Revelation. It's fun singletrack, you wont meet any masochisits and you get to finish on Revelation's switchbacks.

Post your time here or on Vorb (or email me) and we'll set up a Roll of Honour in the side pane.

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  1. Well Martin Rodd picked up the gauntlet and threw down a scorching 10.22!
    That benchmark might sit there for a while, esp. as some of the downhillers have legitimate concerns about encountering an uphill warrior at speeds of up to 60kmh (that's the ones coming down, not going up ;-)
    Anyone wanting to have a crack at this in the future may have to get up early...