Sunday, November 22

Pump Track Progress

Ten of us turned up on Sunday to continue preparations for our December 6 Opening. Ching Contracting donated us a pair of swanky signs to help you find your way to the Park on the day or for whenever you're planning your visit.
Our crew of Patrick Ryan, Carl Thomas, Gary Drummond, Mike Kirkwood, Ross Savile, Martin Rodd, Jay Nelson, Rod Markham & Guy Trainor (camera), joined later by Ross Maley & Michael Noble, quickly dispersed to different tasks. One group went off to help finish the new piece of techie single-track that has been surveyed & largely built by Jay, Josh, Sam & Michael. It's called Remedy, as in Rescue Remedy, apparently a good cure for w/e morning hangovers, and provides a sobering link between Tank & Glade Runner.

Another group erected the framework for our entrance off Martin Farm Rd. in readiness for our gateway sign.

Meanwhile, Mike Kirkwood was happy to toil away by himself on the Pump Track.

Despite recently selling his tofu-making business, handbuilding the carbon-fibre frame for his full suspension mountain bike (see pics on Vorb), doing the post-school childminding duties and spending the last few weeks gib-stopping his new house, Mike has also poured himself into grooming up the Pump Track.

Fine tuning is still going on but that hasn't stopped lots of riders trying it out, with several managing multiple circuits without pedalling. Various tables & ramps provide different options on how to attack it and the high-sided berms, while demanding some commitment, enable speed to be maintained where you need it most.

Speed going into the 'staircase' pumps on the right helps you climb to the elevated end of the track. The right height & distance apart of these pumps is critical for the rider to maintain momentum. Mike has shovelled a lot of dirt getting these right but still welcomes feedback!

There's no doubt the Pump Track will be a hub for many bikers visiting Kaiteriteri this summer. Plans to build a Skills Area beside it will only add to the attraction. We're accumulating the materials - all we need is the time!
All the focus now is on getting ready for our Official Opening.

But that's the next blog...

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  1. Did a couple laps of the pump track today, nice and fast and very doable! Rockface, Remedy, Shady Ladie and then out down to the camp makes a nice ride too!