Saturday, December 26

Teeing up for Summer...

No, they're not the winners of this summer's Mr & Miss Kaiteriteri competition (that local calendar highlight takes place on New Year's Day) but whoever struts their stuff wearing our tees is almost guaranteed to carry off the crown!

Even if the catwalk isn't your scene, you'll still look good and feel even better, knowing that by buying a MTB Park t-shirt you're helping to fund future track building.

To make it easy for you, we've priced them at just $20. If you're visiting the Park, they're available at the Kaiteriteri Store. Otherwise, email to order one (p&p $4.50).

You can even save $5 with a cap and t-shirt combo! $35 for the pair (p&p $5.50) marks you out as a Park supporter who's doing their bit to advance our trail network.

With Kaiteriteri rapidly filling up, it's great to see the tracks getting so much use. Cars with bike racks are becoming more common than cars with boat trailers. Maybe it's our big sign by the Kaiteriteri turn-off that's bringing them in. Maybe it's just that the word is out that there's riding for everyone, from beginner to expert, and that there's no better way to wash off the dust afterwards than a dip in the sea.

Thanks to Craig Skillicorn for this telephoto pic from the Flamin' Nora lookout...

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