Saturday, January 30

The forest elves are stirring..

With things being so quiet on the blogspot, you'd be mistaken for thinking things have been quiet at Kaiteriteri. On the contrary, the tracks have been humming with bikers with everyone giving a big thumbs up to the network so far.
This positive feedback is hugely encouraging for those of us involved in planning this year's programme. Also appreciated are those who have made donations to the Park, either directly, by using the Donate button on our sidebar or by purchasing a t-shirt or cap. Everything goes into track development so you can all feel a part of our project!

Many of you will be pleased to hear that we have started surveying a bypass to Sidewinder. The eight switchbacks on this track provide the biggest challenge to those relatively new to mountain biking and this 600m section of track is the 'odd man out' in our otherwise Easy circuit.

The bypass will involve a much longer length of track that branches off Salivator and largely maintains its height until joining Sidewinder near its connection with Swamp Monster. At least, that's what we hope - we've only surveyed half of it so far...

The first half of this track marks the beginning of what will become Easy Rider, an easy gradient track that extends into the southern portion of the Park. Tasman District Council have put up significant funding for Easy Rider, which we hope will provide an alternative access into the Park for those commuting by bike.

Local mountain biking GP and regular Park user, Deborah Morris, is fast developing a reputation for being the "MTB Doctor". At last year's Marble Mountain MTB event, she interrupted her ride to attend to a rider with a broken collarbone. More recently, she assisted in the helicopter evacuation of a rider badly concussed while biking at Canaan Downs. Yesterday she was called to the MTB Park to attend to another broken collarbone.

Deborah was impressed with the injured individual's method of supporting his arm on the long walk out and thought other mountain bikers might be interested. Making use of the spare bike tube provides excellent support, is adjustable to any length and is - or should be - something every biker already carries with them.

Caillin Morris-Trainor demonstrates how to use this simple but effective First Aid Kit accessory.

Many of us are still in holiday mode at the moment, getting in as much riding as we can by entering or training for events, or generally just mucking about on bikes & boats. We're looking to start up our Sunday morning working bees again in a few weeks' time and will welcome new recruits. If you'd like to volunteer some occasional mornings to help develop Phase Two of our track network, contact us at

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