Thursday, April 22

For Expert Riders Only!

One of our committee had the idea of adding a screen-printed design to our MTB Park t-shirt.
The EXPERT sign is what we put at the top of each of the three tracks that all drop pretty steeply off the top ridge.

Each track has its own character and we all tend to have our own personal favourites. It happens that the innovative committee member's favourite is Velocity. He spent many long, hot hours over the Summer improving the drainage, hacking back gorse and generally improving the line. He also rode it a lot.

Unfortunately, in the week after he presented his screen-printing idea, he rode it again. He's now recovering from a punctured lung, six broken ribs and a fractured clavicle. On the plus side, he's now thinking of upgrading to a fully.

I share my friend's misfortune not to embarass him (he already feels that), but to emphasise that these three tracks aren't to be taken lightly. They've claimed a no. of victims over the Summer and while Ride Today, Heal Tomorrow is a cool mtb motto, the reality can sometimes be a little more painful.

His partner generously agreed to model the prototype t-shirt. Note that this is our Mens tee. They'll soon be available for $25.00 ($4 p&p). Email or hit one of the team up if you're interested.
Not wanting to leave our many female Park visitors out, we could consider an extra order with our fitted women's tees - but perhaps Shady Lady is more appealing...?

Tuesday, April 20


Yep, we're back into the swing of things at Kaiteriteri. Andrew's been busy on Easy Rider with the Chings digger and by the middle of next week we should have close to another 800m of benched track to play on.

While 800m represents quite a gain, given how hard-fought our metres are on the steep hills behind the beach, it's only the beginnings of what will become our longest track so far. Not only will Easy Rider add approx. 4 kms of the sort of flowing, undulating track that has been attracting bikers from near & far, it will also mean some new loops can be built into the circuits of the more adventurous.

The good feelings I posted earlier about this trail are being confirmed as we weave in & out of gullies, carve our way through punga groves, and traverse across lightly-wooded fern-filled slopes.
For someone who has bush-bashed the surveyed route, seeing it transformed into benched track is a rewarding & addictive experience. With Andrew bucket-smoothing each day's work as we go, it's tempting to grab the bike and start laying tread.

Before that happens, tho', we need to get in there with our rakes, spades & grubbers to finish off the grooming. This is one job where many hands really do make light work and it provides the perfect opportunity for all those who have been enjoying riding the tracks over the Summer to give something back. The sooner the grooming is done, the sooner you can add it to your riding options!

Our working bees are happening every second week this year. If you haven't been before, we meet on Sunday mornings at 9.00 and work through to midday, always stopping for a mid-morning for a snack'n'chat. You can join our mailing list to find out where to meet and what tools to bring or check our website's calendar.
Many friendships have been made through the working bees but best of all is that good feeling that comes from knowing you've made a contribution to developing our Mountain Bike Park. Those bits of track you work on become extra special when you take your mates biking there.

See ya Sunday!