Wednesday, June 9

My, how you've grown!

You know how it is when you haven't seen your young niece/nephew for a few months and then you're amazed at how much they've grown in the meantime..?
Kaiteriteri's like that. I go away for a five week cycle tour in the Alps and come back to heaps of track!

The section of Easy Rider that Andrew Spittal had just finished benching at the end of April has been all groomed up and now makes for a great loop. The recommended circuit is to head up Tank to the water tank, hang a left and swoop down Bay View to the bottom of the wide section (just before it forks & exits).
Swing left onto the new Easy Rider track (trail markers up soon) and enjoy the flow of this wide-benched track all the way back to its intersection with Salivater. It's a sweet bit of track and, if typical of what we hope will follow, Easy Rider is destined to become a favourite of many.

So then I had to head off to the other end of the Park and check out progress on the new single-track I'd heard about. This has been surveyed by Michael Brewer & Carl Thomas and has been the focus of some well-attended working bees in recent weeks.
Great work in steep terrain. Shades of Shady Lady so those of you who like narrow, winding single-track through native bush will be in your element.
It's already well along the path towards creating a linking track between Velocity & Flamin' Nora - all part of our planned Intermediate-level circuit that will traverse the Park.

Like many other parts of the country, there have been a few very heavy dumps of rain at Kaiteriteri in the last week or two. The good news is that the tracks all remain totally rideable (tho' the new section of Easy Rider is still a bit soft).
It was good to hear the whoops of joy from a couple of bikers swishing down Remedy when I was granny-ringing my way up Tank!

Check out the website calendar for notice of upcoming working bees.

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