Thursday, July 29

Mountain Biker's Special

As if the kilometres of trail, all-weather track and stunning scenery weren't enough reasons to throw your bikes on the car and head for Kaiteriteri, we've just come up with another one!

The Shoreline Cafe is now offering a Mountain Biker's Special of just $5.00 for a coffee'n'cake! So if it's a shot of caffeine you need before tackling the trails or the need to replace a few calories afterwards, this is the place to go.
You can choose to sit inside or out, depending on how socially-acceptable you feel after your ride, but make sure you ask for the Special as it won't be advertised. And yes, you can swap out the coffee for a different hot drink if you're beginning to feel twitchy or the kids want their hot chocolates...

Some more great news is that this week we welcomed Karl Thompson and his digger onto the team. Karl's been busy helping to build mtb tracks up on Canaan Downs throughout a pretty chilly winter so is happy to be down to sea-level again - and doing what he loves doing most!
We're currently creating an elevating track parallel to the last steep section of Velocity that exits by Bethany. This will come as some relief to those of you who have granny-ringed your way up in order to do the lower Velocity loop.

Here, Karl is shaping up one of the several switchbacks that help us get up onto a spur. While the track, being digger-benched, is just over a metre wide, the gradients employed put it into our Intermediate category. So if you want to ride up it, you'll still need a bit of fitness.
But you can always reward yourself at The Shoreline

And in one final bit of news, we've recently had some bumper stickers printed. So if you'd like to show your support or just help spread the word, send a request to and we'll pop a couple in the post for you.
Alternatively, when you're next at the Park, drop into the Beach Camp Office and ask for one.

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