Wednesday, September 8

Bogs and logs

You may recall a couple of posts back (The Good News & the Bad) that we had a large pine come down on Glade Runner, leaving its massive rootball lodged uneasily just above the track.

Bob Roborgh & Matu of Tree Care came in and successfully separated the trunk but the now upside-down rootball was too heavy to shift from its new home in the middle of the track.

In the process of using a digger as part of the operation, a fair bit of the track got chewed up - revealing a very boggy sump that nearly snared the digger. It certainly explained why this short section of track had never properly firmed up.

The rootball was cut back enough for the track to be re-opened for the w/e but the bog required a bit more sorting out. So, early this week, Karl Thompson & I headed in.

We began by felling some nearby pines and cutting them up to make a 'corduroy' bridge.

This enabled Karl to walk his digger over to where some good granite soil was available.

We then put down some filter cloth and overlaid it with the quarried soil.

Once spread and compacted, Karl set about removing the excavated sludge to improve the drainage.

A bit of a rake and, Viola!, we're back in business - with a better track surface than before we started.

Which just goes to show there's always a silver lining when things go bad...

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  1. Hey there everyone, am now proudly displaying a Kaiteretere MTB Park sticker on my wagon. Guy sent a couple down a few weeks back. I was up your way in July for a few days and had an absolute blast on your tracks. I must say that I'm highly impressed with the works you guys and gals have put in so far and I am itching to get back next winter for more riding. Keep up the fantastic work. Gerard, Franz Josef Glacier.