Sunday, December 26

Here's our MTB Park map for 2011.

New tracks from last summer are Ziggy, Skullduggery, Swish and Easy Rider. We've also groomed Big Airs (ex-Velocity) with some sweet water bars for those that like getting a little - or a lot - of air on their way down.

Also new is a totally revamped pump track. Whether its kids pedalling like fury over the humps or fully-kitted warriors pumping out several warm-up laps before hitting the trails, it's certainly getting a lot of use!

Park maps are available at several outlets around Motueka, bike shops in Nelson and at the Beach Camp Office. They include track descriptions to help you plan your ride, as well as important information about how to access the top ridgeline tracks.

You can also find them to download on our Map link above. Also on the Map page you can find a Google Map where we will be recording progress on our planned 2011 tracks.

The Easy Rider road link isn't actually completed yet but, as it's top of our list for 2011, we've included it on the map. Watch this space...

It was a relief today to be able to escape the bustle of the beach and head into the forest for a circuit that took in all of my favourite tracks. The refreshing coolness of the glades was a welcome contrast to the heat 'outside', although the thought of finishing with a swim always seems to surface when riding up Tank for the third time.

And, of course, no ride is complete without the Mountain Biker's Special coffee & cake at The Shoreline Cafe afterwards...

Monday, December 6

It's not just the riding...

Too often while riding a trail we can get fixated on getting to the end of it as fast as possible. Whether it's your post-work wind-down or an all-day epic, sometimes it's not a bad idea to stop and take some time to just soak up the surroundings.

We have some pretty unique bush & birdlife around NZ and Kaiteriteri's no exception. In the Park we like to encourage users - whether they're on bike or foot - to take a break on the trail and relax. After all, it's usually why they've come to Kaiteriteri in the first place!

Our Swamp Monster Lookout was our first installation. This seat was donated by nearby Kimi Ora Resort and is perfectly placed to spot anything that might arise out of the marshland ferns & grasses it overlooks. It's also a good spot to catch a breather before tackling the climb up to the next spur.

Recently added is this garden seat, donated by a local resident. Sally Ogilvie loves walking the tracks and knew exactly where she wanted it to go: halfway down the switchbacks on Swish.
This is predominantly beech forest and, as Sally had already noted, the birdlife is abundant. If you can bear to interrupt your 'swish' through the switches next time, this is the spot to stop.

Martin Lucas is another local who regularly walks the tracks. Through his company, North West Pest Management, he also sponsors our work by carrying out extensive weed-spraying & strimming in the Park. If you ever wonder why bracken and other regenerating foliage aren't flopping over the tracks, that's due to Martin (and his son Tim when he's home for the holidays).
The benching of Swish & Easy Rider have opened up a part of the Park that wasn't previously getting a lot of bike traffic. Many spots offer superb views over Tapu Bay and Martin identified one on Bay View that cried out for a seat. He & Tim installed it over the weekend - if you're not in too much of hurry you might spot it next time you're passing.