Monday, February 21

Park Update

First off: a reminder that February 26 & 27 is KBAR weekend!

The Kaiteriteri Beach Adventure Race, of which the Kaiteriteri Recreation Reserve Board is a major sponsor, utilises the stunning coastline for a return paddle to Split Apple Rock, a bush & estuary run and, of course, most of the Park's track network for the mountain bike leg.

This means the MTB Park is going to be closed to the general public on Saturday 9.00-12.00 & 2.00-5.00 and Sunday 9.00-11.00 & 1.00-4.00.
If you're planning on being at Kaiteriteri this w/e - and feel inspired by the presence of the country's top multi-sporters - then midday or late afternoon is your chance to hit the trails.

The half-way point in the Park's Easy-grade network is on a spur just above Kimi Ora Spa Resort. Owner Dietmar Glaser has been a helpful & enthusiastic supporter of the Park from its inception. He's acquired a fleet of mountain bikes for hire and offers Mountain Bike Specials for the guests.

No doubt he has often witnessed bikers emerging from the climb up Swamp Monster gasping for a breath & a drink before descending Glade Runner.
Typical of Dietmar is this response...

He's also cleared some trees and installed a seat so you can now enjoy a view down over Kaiteriteri without needing to ascend the top ridge!

At this major track hub, you will also find one of these.

We've installed a couple more of these "You are here" maps at other significant track junctions to help people new to the Park to reorientate themselves.

Of course, they're no substitute for the maps that are available from the Kaiteriteri Beach Camp Office and other accommodation providers but we hope they help...

We're also pretty excited to announce that we've opened up the Easy Rider connection to the Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Rd.
This has been on-again/off-again project over several months so Andrew in particular will be relieved to complete the final grooming of the track and catch up on other business!

I've lost count of the no. of wasp nests he's removed on the bracken-covered slopes - quite a few of which have made their feelings known in the way they know best - and the numerous slips & gullies set a new Kaiteriteri benchmark for 'gnarly terrain'. Still, the tougher the goals, the greater the sense of satisfaction that follows attaining them...

I've posted before about some of the stunning views over Tasman Bay that are available from various points along Easy Rider. Sometimes you really need to stop to appreciate these so Andrew has created a couple of 'viewing platforms' where you can do so without blocking the track.

First to put treadmarks on the freshly-groomed trail were Nigel Cottom (L) & Zac Hayward (R) together with their 6 yr. old children Emma & Jai, respectively. That's their home town Nelson on the other side of the Bay.

It's always great to see dads introducing their kids to the fun of mountain biking and it was obvious Jai & Emma were relishing exploring the track on their new bikes.
'Course, the promise of seeing the digger in action just ahead spurred them on a little more!

Easy Rider, funded by the Tasman District Council, is intended to provide a safe & easier alternative for bikers riding out from Motueka & Riwaka to get onto the Park's trail network or to Kaiteriteri than by using the steep, narrow & winding road.
And it rides even better on the way back home!

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  1. Good Stuff Guys, Can't wait to get over there and check out all the changes and improvements!
    What an assett you have there now!