Wednesday, February 2

Pump Track Mark 2

Those of you visited the Park last summer will remember our first attempt at a pump track. While a hit with a few very-skilled riders, most found it too challenging and avoided it.
It also suffered from serious ponding after each rainfall.

Given how many hours went into this project, it was a big step by the committee to bite the bullet and undertake to start again.

Using funds received from track sponsorship & Park donations, Karl Thompson was asked to design & build a new one. Drawing from Pump Track Nation and his experience of constructing one in his backyard, Karl came up with a simple design that would cater for a wide range of riding ability.

After we arranged for the site to be levelled, Karl moved in and started building & shaping the berms & rollers.

Particular attention was paid to ensuring there were no hollows and that all water would flow easily to the outside edges.

It was finished just in time for the holiday season and was an immediate success.
Most popular use is as a warm-up exercise before hitting the trail network. Pump Track novices, who begin by pedalling their way round, are soon getting the hang of using their weight on the bike to maintain momentum.

While others, like Will Hand from Christchurch, can muster all the speed they need, hitting the tops of the berms and making it look easy!

It's been great to see the number of children developing their biking skills on the track, like Quinne Weber from nearby Stephens Bay.

One family I met staying at Kaiteriteri Beach Camp had to bring their two young children three times a day to keep them happy!

From the obvious amount of use it's had, and the positive feedback from mountain bikers like Paul Hay from Wellington, it's clear the new Pump Track has been a great success.

We hope to be able to extend the track and add in a few more challenges for next summer, along with development of our Skills Area.

It's your donations that are helping to build the Park - we hope you like what you are finding each time you visit...

Coming up, the 2011 NZ Multisport Championships at Kaiteriteri, Feb. 26 & 27.
Categories from elite to recreational.

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