Sunday, April 17

Skullduggery is taking shape

We had a great turnout yesterday at the working bee. Thanks to David Ryder, Rod Markham, Tony Baldwin, Ian Marshall, Kirsty Moran, Greg Buckett, Nigel Rogers, Mark Townsend, Guy Trainor and Oliver Weber for your efforts.

All that rain helped soften the digging. We're into steep terrain and had several trees to work around on a beautiful section of dense bush.

Here's the group turning the bush into a trail...

After some work, the trail starts to take shape...

Please join us the week after next (1st April) at 9:00 to continue our progress of Skullduggery. We'll meet at the junction of Bay View/Rockface/Rock'n'Roll. See you there.


Monday, April 4

Back in the Swing

Work never really stops at Kaiteriteri, even over summer when the lure of the beach is stronger than usual.
While most of our tracks are designed & built to be sustainable, there are a few sections prone to erosion or overgrowth that require a bit more maintenance.

There was even discussion at the start of the project about whether or not the ridgeline tracks, historical skidder lines down steep spurs, should be included in the Park network.

Given their popularity among some expert riders - and those that like to extend the riding opportunities in & around the Park - we decided we'd do what we could to keep them open.

So over the Summer we scheduled a couple of working bees to knock back the gorse, reinstate some drainage channels and try to alleviate the worst of the ruts. This session, spent on Flamin' Nora on a particularly hot day, prolonged its life for a bit longer...

Parallel to this work, we have begun surveying a new line to the top ridge that will provide an easier alternative to the three existing spur-line tracks. We hope to commence digger construction of Skyline in July and have it ready for next summer.

Meanwhile, work has started on the extension to Skullduggery...

First to break the soil was this group from nearby Whenua Iti.
As part of their True North course, designed to introduce young people to the sort of outdoor adventures that build skills & confidence, these participants spent a day in the Park.
With tutor Matt Reed, second on R, they explored the Park trail network before putting down their bikes and picking up the tools. They worked with enthusiasm, raised a few blisters and left with a greater sense of ownership in 'their' local MTB Park.

Our Sunday morning working bees are now back in action and the grubbers are being swung with metronomic regularity.

It's hard but satisfying work - perfect for building core strength for anyone balking at the cost of gym membership.

Taking a well-earned break last Sunday were 'Grib', Greg. Jess & Gary (and Guy). With Summer over, we look forward to being joined by a growing volunteer workforce...

Of course it's not all work and last Thursday evening the Park was a particularly busy place with at least three separate groups on the tracks.
Being aware of approaching riders will be easier now that lights are necessary for the 6 pm rides - just remember to switch them off for the glow-worms...