Monday, May 9

Balancing Acts

Some time back, Nelson sawmillers Waimea Wood donated us some timber for an elevated board-ride, commonly called a skinny. Other track-building projects delayed our start... until last Sunday.

The forecast was for rain - too wet for hand-benching - so we scheduled Skills Area construction!
The weather gods obviously approved as they delivered briliant sunshine and a good crew of Park volunteers showed their support by also turning up.

Jess Roborgh (2nd on left) donned the carpenter's apron while the rest of us set to digging holes and installing posts. While the intent was to start with something fairly easy & straightforward, boundaries were soon being pushed as creative juices got flowing.
It was useful having a couple of young guns with us in the shape of Doug & Thomas who showed us how quickly the balancing act could be mastered!

Unfortunately, Mike left with his camera before we finished the 'high road' but I'm sure some interesting video footage will appear on our park tv soon. 'Though whether Thomas will oblige us with another of his spectacular mud-slide dismounts is debatable...

The plan is to extend the skinny further around the boundary of our Skills Area, incorporating some more challenging features like see-saws, concrete pipes, ladders and sections of varying width. While some of us are still at the level of trying to stay on a plank lying flat on the ground, I'm confident we'll see a dramatic improvement in riding skills over the next months!

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