Thursday, June 21

Mid-Winter Breakout pix'n'vid

The sun never quite managed to 'breakout' on Sunday but, when the forecast rain arrived just as the spot prize-giving concluded, we all felt as though we'd dodged a bullet!
The region has subsequently had a good lashing but what do we care... having collectively clocked up 12,000 kilometres over 6 hours, some of us have earned a little time off the saddle...

Here are some pics from the day, snapped by swampthing & Oliver Weber. Ask us real nice-like and copies can be arranged. If anybody else has some good pics to share, send them in.

Rex Smith studies the course map tries to figure out how to put the armband on...

while Mike Kirkwood flies past on his hand-built carbon frame.

I'm not sure if either of these is real hair and I wasn't about to attempt a scalping to find out.


The young guns made up the bulk of the pointy end but it was seasoned veteran, Dean Fulton, who pulled out the fasted lap of the day, a full 1sec. ahead of Tom Filmer.

After the congestion of the first lap on the road section, the field quickly spread out.

The width of the MTB Park tracks & firebreaks meant passing was never an issue, especially with the great attitude that riders came with.

The mtb unicyclists - munis - had their own circuit: a little bit shorter but, using Swamp Monster and Sidewinder, a helluva lot harder!

Mike Padial (in front) racked up 11 laps in 5hrs38mins.

But it was the old master, Julian Daley, who piped him with 12 laps, cycling non-stop for 5hrs50mins.!

It was great to have a good choice of food available on the day, as well. Hot soup, mmmmmm...

And the odd banana never goes astray.

Insider tip for anyone feeling the chills next year:

That gorilla suit is the toastiest place to be!


The under-over bridge was back. After the bottleneck of the first lap, it always added an extra element of fun - especially when it signalled your lap was nearly  finished :P

So, all-in-all, a pretty good day that the Nelson MTB Club and the Park management team can feel well-pleased with.

Numbers nearly doubled from last year. At this rate, we may have to start looking at a cap in the near future.
Best start thinking about your team now.

And to wrap it up, here's a short video focusing on a little of the action...

Monday, June 4

Sharing the love...

The entries are pouring in for the 6 Hour and we're expecting a big turn out.

Fortunately our decision to move the Tent City anticipated this so we'll be able to accommodate everyone on the day.

With access to the Bethany Park ablution block, those coming from Nelson, Marlborough and Golden Bay will be able to set up their tent the night before - and join in on the Saturday Social Night Ride!
Just make sure you let Craig know (021 728 793) if you want to join us at the Shoreline Cafe afterwards.

For those still mulling over their teams, entries close on June 10.  

We've been wrapped to welcome Andy Lowe of award-winning Image Creators on board as a Park sponsor.
Andy has prepared us a couple of event signs which you'll spot driving around Motueka. Locals may even recognise the rider...

Although the emphasis is firmly on the recreational side of the event, that's not to say there won't be some bragging rights up for grabs on the day.

A Nelson muni-cyclist has definitely upped the ante by creating a unique bit of bike-sculpture for a prize.

Marty Richards didn't exactly reveal how you win it - most laps? most blood? - but it's bound to be a treasured piece of art by whoever rides away with it.

The Park isn't just popular with bikers, though.

Right at the start we made a decision to make the Park open to all, including those that like to run or walk the tracks, whether locals - some of whom have been using the old firebreaks for decades - or visitors keen to explore the forest on foot.
This is a win-win. Many of them keep the trails clean of pinecones & minor windfall for us bikers and, in return, we get to show them what considerate people mtbers are ;-)

Occasionally, the Motueka Over-50's walking group visit the Park, always a mid-week day sometime in winter when there's less likely to be a lot of bike traffic. Two local women bikers recently met them while riding up Corkscrew. They were accorded a guard-of-honour by the group, who lined each side of the track and applauded them as they rode past.
A 'royal wave' seemed the only fitting response, I'm told.
What they didn't realise is that was just half the group - the total of 72 had split into two earlier on!
When I came along, an hour or two later, I met them just emerging from Corkscrew. Happy for a breather, I ceded the track and basked in the glow of praise for the Park and appreciativeness for our open-access policy as the long procession passed.
I happily share that with my fellow volunteers here...

Andy's been busy with another sign for us, as well.
We're pleased to welcome Coppins Cycles & Specialised as joint sponsors of our Pump Track.

This gave us an opportunity to provide some basic tips on how to ride the track (along with a couple of no-no's ;-)
Again, spot the local rider (and thanks to Oliver Weber for both pics).

While erecting the sign last Sunday morning, the track was in constant use by family groups: parents watching or doing a few warm-up pumps while their children (some as young as 5) pedaled their way around.

Many had travelled from Nelson just to find somewhere fun for their kids to ride...

Finally, a friend forwarded this link to a vimeo clip offering cornering tips. There's a lot of excellent advice out there on how to do this or that on your bike. I liked the couple of simple tips this video offered and am finding Corkscrew's 60+ corners the perfect track on which to practise. Women can improvise with their own "four-eyes" version of looking round the corner...