Saturday, December 22

2013 Park map

Here it is, our latest trail map :-)

We had to delay getting it to the printer so we could include a couple of late additions but we ended up making the deadline by at least a couple of hours.

Cruise Control is already proving popular with beginners and experienced riders alike. Somehow it now takes an extra effort of will to take the Sidewinder/Swamp Monster option but its calorific value probably equates to a slice of xmas cake.

Corkscrew takes the title of People's Favourite - mainly, I think, because you get two tracks for the price of one. I was told recently by a local we shouldn't bother with building our planned downhill line because he'll still choose to come down Corkscrew. We've included it in our 2013 build programme, anyway...

Our three ridgeline descents are still as challenging as ever but they each have their fans. Due to the stupidly steep gradients of the upper sections, these tracks are technically 'unsustainable' but, somehow, four years later, they're still there. Make a clean run of all three and you're eligible for one of our Special Edition 'Expert' Park t-shirts.

On hot days, when you need to seek shelter from the beach, it's always a relief to enter the forest. The damp gullies of Shady Lady, Glade Runner and Skullduggery offer cool havens and, if you care to stop, you may find you have some of the native birdlife for company.

If it's views you're after, the one from Corkscrew's skidsite is probably the most photographed, but take a cruise along the ridge to Flamin' Nora if you want the full monty. A personal favourite lies on Bay View between the water tank and Swish - easily missed so you need to be looking if you want that bay view.

Scoot is ably fulfilling its role as a handy bypass so we've been able to extend the One-Way section of Bay View all of the way down to Swish. Now you can hit those swooping BV corners knowing you have the track to yourself ;-)

An extension of the hand-built Skullduggery into the southern perimeter of the Park will be the focus of 2013's working bees. "The volunteers want a project!", we've been told and we're delivering. It's a densely-vegetated part of the Park so if any of you vols want to help with surveying (read: bush-bashing), we'll be keen to hear from you...

This Summer, to help newcomers orientate themselves to the network, we've added a few arrows to our marker posts.
The green will steer you along our recommended Easy route, the blue for a more challenging Moderate circuit.
You'll even find a blue on green combo for a mix of both grades - how's that for ensuring you have a stress-free holiday!

Our tear-off padmaps are in the process of being distributed around the region. The Beach Camp Office is already well-stocked, as are several Motueka outlets. A gold coin donation is always appreciated but, if you think that's too much to ask, you can print one off from the Map link on the menu bar.
Having made the effort to get to us, we want to make sure you get the most out of what's on offer.

And finally, with the increased numbers in the Park over the holidays, it's great to hear those bells jingling! Much as I look forward to meeting new people on the tracks, I'd rather it's not on a blind corner :P

Have a great holiday.

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